Hi, I’m Bonnie

I'm glad you're here. 

Come walk with me and see what I'm seeing... 

Frost on my terrace and steam plumes from the street far below. Springtime flânerie. Swimming at my favorite Montauk beaches. Crunchy leaves in Gramercy Park in November. It’s the seasonal city rhythms that move me. 

I focus my lens on the small moments rich with meaning to create still images brimming with emotion. 

Photos shape our memories as much as they reflect them. The right photos tell the right story, which becomes all the more important as the memories themselves fade inevitably with time. 

To ensure the right lasting impressions, I focus on portraiture that stuns and scenes that exude quiet sprezzatura. With camera in hand, I strike a careful balance between observation and active participation–I do whatever is needed in that moment to bring about the right dynamic.

The List

What I'm 


The steak tartare at Casa Cipriani! The atmosphere they’ve created hearkens back to the glitzy New York of a century ago and I’m all about it! 

What I'm 


The benefits of Stoicism. I’m a big fan of The Daily Stoic and try to bring the lessons of Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus into my photography. The process is there to teach you– trust it!

What I'm 

not about

Flattening your style to fit in. The uniquely personal has a vibrancy that trend-chasing never will. Fashion is about being yourself.

what I


Always say what you mean, always ask for what you want. 

Bonnie Gillis

NYC-based photographer specializing in weddings, portraits, and branding campaigns for luxury brands and boutique hotels