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Bonnie Gillis

With a decade worth of corporate experience in insurance and consulting, I finally decided to pursue my passion...

My great love is photography, but my passion for travel is a close second. Often my favorite projects are branding shoots in locales both exotic and luxurious.

Where there’s an opulent ambience to evoke, you don’t just need a photographer who travels–you need a travel photographer! No one brings the Tyrrhenian Sea or Gobi sands to life quite like a traveler with an adventure in her heart and a love of the poetry and elegance of distant lands.  


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About My Audience

My followers are appreciators of the refined and the fabulous. They live the lives that imbue with lifestyle the brands that bear that designation. They take casual vacationing seriously. The kind of person who:

  • Enjoys confident, personal, informal content  
  • Responds to original style and witty humor
  • Conscientious, discriminating consumers 
  • Destination-driven resort goers
  • Power players in their respective arenas


Miramalfi Hotel

Amalfi Coast, Italy 

Maker Hotel  

Hudson, New York 

Villa Cora 

Florence, Italy




Travel Reels

Branding Portraits



Get well-rounded visual assets that show all that your hotel or brand has to offer.

Hotel Interiors

Hotel Interiors

 Hiring a professional photographer like Bonnie to style and direct a photoshoot for me was one of the best business decisions I've made. More than just a series of portraits, she crafted a comprehensive visual encapsulation of my brand that had previously been lacking. I now have visual assets that authentically convey who I am and what my business stands for.

The Shot list

Join the list of exclusive brands who have used my work on their websites or social media pages. From oysters to pearls to villas, I welcome the chance to work with those pursuing excellence in luxury goods and services. 

The Maker
Commodore Perry Estate Pendleton Whiskey
El Quijote
Villa Cora
Miami Beach Edition Grand Hotel Tremezzo Faena

The Maker


Villa Serbelloni

Miami Beach Edition

Villa Cora 

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Commodore Perry Estate
Kendra Scott 

El Quijote

Pendleton Whiskey

Rocky Rhode Oyster Co.

You could choose any photographer. Here’s what sets me apart from the crowd: 

I have a supremely unruffled temperament. I organize meticulously and always have a plan C for when plan B falls through. 

I begin a shoot with the end product in mind while allowing space for organic spontaneity to emerge in the process.

I favor a ‘true color’ and ‘mind’s eye’ approach to convey the spirit of the subject in a way that rings true. 


My specialty when it comes to content is as follows, and you can expect a high standard of excellence, communication, and cooperation.

Q.  How do I book with you?

“Hi there, so glad to hear from you!” After you reach out via email or the link on the Contact page, I will be in touch within two business days to set up an initial consultation. From there, if we’re a good fit, we schedule a phone chat to establish goals, timeframe, preparations, schedule, and final product timelines. 

Q. What kinds of content do you deliver? 

I take an approach that blends art and marketing with an emphasis on the essence. When I’m making work to promote your brand or venue I focus on the essence of what you’re promoting to let the world see how irresistible it is. I especially love shooting hotel interiors and exteriors, with or without human subjects, to capture different auras at different times of day.

I offer a range of services in a variety of bundles, so I bid each job on a case by case basis. Once I have a good sense of what you’re looking for I will tailor a quote to include everything that you need in a clean, straightforward way. 

Q. What are your prices like?


Let’s Collaborate

Let me share your offering with the world with gridworthy glamor photography that drives double taps.